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The founding principle behind this public project is that Samai Club is a new type of social network whereby all verified members of Samai Club are entitled to participate in the life of the club and to receive benefits from the network’s growth and success.

Mainstream social networks do not share any of their profits or assets with the users who ultimately enable those networks, which is one sided and unfair at best. We have decided to create a new kind of social network where users are rewarded for their participation, making their interests aligned with the network. That’s one of the reasons why this project is called a club.

In order to create a scheme which enables the above benefits, it was decided to make use of the latest innovation called Blockchain Cryptocurrencies. Even though there has been a large number of mixed opinions about cryptocurrencies, we believe the Blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies is a true innovation which has enormous potential for legitimate applications.

We took the best ideas from Blockchain Cryptocurrencies and implemented our own currency called SAMAI Coin. The principles that underpin the SAMAI Coin are as follows:

1. The total number of SAMAI Coins is 7,000,000,000 (7 Billion). This number cannot be changed, hence dilution is not possible by the issue of new coins as all have been issued and held by SAMAI Club and members.

2. 3,000,000,000 (3 Billion) coins are reserved by the club’s founders (“Founders Pool”).

3. 4,000,000,000 (4 Billion) coins are available to verified members (“Members Pool”).

SAMAI Coins are allocated from the Members Pool to members who have paid for Owner/Agent/Tenant Claim Credits, Identity Verification or other services available through SAMAI Club, as well as to members as promotions or as a recognition for special contributions such as content and competitions.

Members can purchase any number of Claim Credits, whereby each Claim Credit gives a member a right to verify the owner/agent/tenant of one real estate address.

Number of SAMAI Coins allocated for each purchased Claim Credit is calculated using the following formula:

where CCP is the total number of SAMAI Coins already allocated to all members from the Members Pool, starting from 0 for the very first ever purchased Claim Credit. For other services available on the club’s portal, for example Identity Verification, the number of coins allocated will be proportional to the service’s price with respect to the Claim Credit price.

Above formula means that the very first paid member receives 100 SAMAI Coins for the very first Claim Credit purchased. Every subsequent purchase of Claim Credits or other services will receive an exponentially smaller and smaller number of SAMAI Coins.

The purpose of such a method of coin allocation is to incentivise early adopters. The earlier you become a paid member - more coins you would receive for the same amount of payment.

Secondly, such a method ensures that the total number of coins allocated gets asymptotically closer and closer to the total number of coins in the Members Pool, hence adhering to the SAMAI Coin principles.

The benefit of owning SAMAI Coins is that, in the future, they can be exchanged for goods and services, traded on crypto coin exchanges and have priority rights for future interests in the club. Hence, we expect the market value of the coins to increase in line with the club’s growth.

All verified members therefore will be rewarded for making this project a success.

SAMAI Blockchain and Wallet

We have found existing and well known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin/Ether etc. are not suitable for the goals of this project. We do not wish for anyone to consume enormous energy resources needed to solve pointless math puzzles in order to sign transactions on our Blockchain network. Therefore, we have decided to create a new custom Blockchain network that meets Samai.Club objectives without drawbacks typically associated with other cryptocurrencies.

It was found that the Ethereum Blockchain technology is a good choice for creating our custom network. It is a flexible and powerful platform for creating different types of Blockchain networks.

In order to avoid the unnecessary waste of energy needed for mining, we have decided to get away from the typical Proof-of-Work protocol and use a Proof-of-Authority method of signing blocks and transactions. On the Ethereum Blockchain it is available under the name of “Clique”

Our public Blockchain network has the following attributes:

Network ID:2147483647
Boot Node
Boot Node port:21474

Since SAMAI Blockchain is based on the same Ethereum technology as the popular Ether Cryptocurrency, our network and SAMAI Coins are automatically compatible with any Ethereum wallet, for example MetaMask or MyEtherWallet or any other listed on e.g., here

Samai.Club portal itself provides wallet-like functionality too. Users can see their coin account and transactions under the “My Account” menu, and in the future they will be able to transfer, exchange and make use of their coins for various purposes.

How to connect to SAMAI Blockchain network

One of the main attractions of the Blockchain technology is that it is a public ledger of transactions. It is fully transparent and everyone can monitor all transactions and balances of all accounts. If you wish to go deeper and participate as a network node on our Blockchain network, you may use a utility called Geth which is as simple as executing 2 commands:

Initialize local data storage (only needed to be done once):
geth --datadir node1/ init samaiclubnet.json

Execute your node with previously initialized data storage:
geth --datadir node1/ --syncmode 'full' --port 21474 --bootnodes 'enode://' --networkid 2147483647

For more information about using Geth and connecting to custom networks please refer to

How to connect 3rd party wallets

Install, for example, Metamask extension for Chrome from

Go to Settings:

Then Networks:

Click on Add Network:

Enter the fields as shown on the screenshot:

Network Name:SAMAI
Chain ID: 2147483647
Currency Symbol: SAMAI

And now you should have the SAMAI network appearing in your wallet:

To import your SAMAI account, go to Metamask main menu and click on Import Account:

To import SAMAI account click on your balance on the SAMAI web site and account details window will popup, where you can click on "Get Private Key" link to export your private key. Copy this key to the corresponding field on the "Import account" form and press Import

Human Intelligence (Hi) vs Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Competition

Every month, once the transaction data has been published and verified, we will be analysing the accuracy of all recorded opinions on every housing unit sold.

Every user, whose average opinion recorded one month prior to a given month was found to be more accurate than Ai’s opinion, will be awarded 500 SAMAI Coins for every property where the user was more accurate.

In order to be eligible for the reward, the following terms apply in addition to our standard terms and conditions. All users of the platform agree to all such terms.

1. Users must not be acting on inside information. It does not mean that owners/buyers/agents/solicitors and other related parties are excluded, however, it does mean that, if we reasonably suspect that an opinion was entered based on the knowledge of the confirmed transaction, then we will cancel the reward and may also ban the user from the club.

2. For every property to be considered for this competition, a user must upload to Chat at least 3 photos or videos of the property that represent it truthfully or vote on truthfulness of at least 3 existing photos/videos in the Chat. Properties that have no photos/videos at all will not be considered.

3. For every property to be considered for this competition, a user must enter at least the following fields on the Details tab (data can be educated guesses based on photos or other information and sources):

a) Bedrooms;

b) Bathrooms;

c) Total Inside Area;

d) Total Plot Size.

4. For those properties where Ai has no opinion, users will be competing amongst themselves and top 3 users will be rewarded equally (500 coins each) should such property be sold. Should multiple users have the same average opinions for the top 3 places, the winners will be determined by chronological order of their opinions. Earlier average timing of opinions - higher the ranking.

5. Opinions are to be forward looking by one calendar month exactly. This means, for example, that opinions entered in May will be judged against actual transactions recorded in June. Explained in another way, should a transaction happen in June 2020, the accuracy of user’s opinions against this transaction will be calculated using only the opinions entered during the month of May 2020.

6. This is a total reward limited competition which will end automatically once ten million SAMAI Coins have been won.

7. In order to qualify for the “best forecaster” cash award, as announced from time to time, in addition to the above conditions, the winner must forecast sales of at least 20 properties for the particular month. The winner will be determined by calculating average accuracy on users’ best 20 forecasts. The user with the best average accuracy on their 20 best forecasts shall be announced the winner for the particular month provided the user's average accuracy on those 20 forecasts exceeds Ai’s average accuracy on the same properties. Properties where Ai had no opinion will not be taken into account.

8. All competitions are not commercial contracts and not legally binding. Decision to award coins or cash rewards to any member in all circumstances is entirely at the discretion of the SAMAI Club founders. Decisions are final and cannot be challenged legally.

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