Slam Ai Club is a social network connecting Real Estate with Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

It is a global platform where Human Intelligence (Hi) can collaborate and compete with Ai for greater public good. The aim is to achieve full transparency in the property market everywhere on the planet.

Crowdsourcing and community created content are at the core of this public project. Unlike most other social networks, where users are blatantly exploited for profit and get little in return, all verified members and outstanding contributors will share the success of this community via the Slam Ai Coins reward scheme.

Please use the map or the search bar to find any property of interest. Update its Details, upload photos, make public comments in the Chat and enter your valuation opinions whenever you feel like saying something about real estate. If your opinions are later found to be more accurate than Ai’s and others, then you’ll be rewarded with more Slam Ai Coins.

This social network is a one stop destination for all real estate business globally. You may Sell, Let or Holiday Let your homes with minimum effort whilst getting offers directly from buyers and tenants. Agents can also use the social network and engage with vendors and buyers online reducing their costs whilst maximising benefits to all parties.

Welcome to the new kind of social network!